5/31/2024 Made a homepage for my own purposes when I open a new browser window. Also kinda like an organizer/planner/sorter thingy!

3/18/2024 New blog post with some info about my plans for my site. Will be updating slowly but surely soon :)

11/17/2022 Added a new collection page that is fully done :) The cassettes page will be done once I have the energy to take pics of every cassette I have which is. Lots of them.

8/2/2022 So. I haven't updated in a while and I plan on doing a more proper update soon. I will be updating with some art I've worked on and may even do a few more updates on my other site (Ruffiangoat) with some writings once I get some finished and formatted as that is my current biggest roadblock. *REDACTED* page is still being updated with stuff, but it's not forward facing and I really would like to start a shrine for Hypnospace soon to distract myself.

6/9/2022 Decided to delay my Yakuza minigame review for longer to replay through all of them. Once I am able to get through all of them I will write everything up and post it. I found some polarizing things out about Yakuza 5's minigames that I wouldn't have remembered had I not played it through. I also posted the final update on my Top Surgery post, so anyone who is curious about the recovery for that kind of procedure can find my full recovery thoughts.

5/27/2022 Added some hyperlinks onto buttons on the side over there --->

5/17/2022 Added the blog section